Woman Injured After Jumping into Polar Bear Enclosure at Berlin Zoo


On Friday, a 32-year-old woman named Mandy K was attacked by a polar bear after she jumped into their enclosure at the Berlin Zoo during feeding time.

Before being rescued, Mandy suffered multiple bites.

To enter the enclosure, she had to climb over a fence, navigate through a line of hedges, and scale a wall.

Mandy leaped into the enclosure just as the bears were being fed, resulting in injuries to her arms, legs, and back.

Despite the efforts of six zookeepers to distract the four bears, one of them repeatedly bit Mandy on her arms and legs.

Fortunately, the zookeepers were able to scare the bear away and rescue Mandy.

She is now recovering in the hospital after undergoing surgery to treat her wounds.

It was later revealed that Mandy is a teacher who had been driven to despair by her struggle to find a job.

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