Old man orders a single hamburger

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There is something about old people that make us think about life and the things we are to achieve until we reach that ‘old’ age. For one, elderly people are wise and full of knowledge, and secondly, they are often hilarious, so it’s not surprising there are plenty of jokes about them.

This one is about to make your day.

An elderly couple entered a restaurant and ordered a single meal which consisted of a hamburger, french fries, and a single drink.

When the meal arrived, the man cut the hamburger in half and placed one part of it in front of his wife. He then did the same with the french fries and placed the drink in between. They both took sips one by one.

While the man had his piece of the hamburger, his wife was just sitting there watching him eat.

A man who noticed them decided to approach them and offered to buy them another meal, but the elderly man said, “No, thank you, we are used to sharing everything.”

As he continued eating, his wife was patiently waiting and was taking sips every now and then.

The man who was at the restaurant approached them once again and offered to at least buy them another drink.

The elderly man refused once again saying that he and his wife share everything.

Finally, when the husband finished eating and wiped his mouththe man who was observing them approached them for the third time because he couldn’t help but learn why the woman was waiting for her husband to eat.

He got closer and asked her: “What is that you are waiting for?”

The wife replied, “The TEETH.”

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