20+ Funny And Entertaining Comics of Hagar The Horrible

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Hagar the Horrible is a long-running comic strip created by Dik Browne which focuses on the misadventures of a Viking named Hagar and his family. Since its debut in 1973, the comic strip has garnered a large fan following due to its humorous take on the Viking lifestyle and Hagar’s constant schemes and blunders. In this article, we will look at some of the most entertaining and funny comics featuring Hagar the Horrible.

Hagar’s Schemes Often Backfire Hilariously

One recurring theme in the Hagar comics is Hagar hatching elaborate schemes and plans that inevitably backfire in hilarious ways. Hagar fancies himself as a great planner and leader, but more often than not, his plans go awry due to unforeseen complications or just plain bad luck. In one classic comic, Hagar devises a plan to capture a whale by luring it into a giant net. However, when the whale shows up, it turns out to be an unusually small whale that gets stuck in the net. The whole scheme ends up being more trouble than its worth. In another comic, Hagar decides he wants to build a longship but cuts corners on the design and construction. As a result, the first time the boat hits water it promptly falls apart. Hagar’s half-baked schemes provide endless comedic fodder in the comics.

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Hagar’s Interactions With His Family Are a Joy to Watch

Another highlight of the Hagar comics is watching the dynamic between Hagar and his hapless family – his wife Helga, son Hamlet, and dog Lucky. While Hagar sees himself as the head of the household, it is Helga who truly runs the show. She isn’t afraid to put Hagar in his place with her sharp wit and isn’t above using physical force if needed. The interactions between the stubborn and short-tempered Hagar and the no-nonsense Helga lead to many hilarious clashes. Meanwhile, their son Hamlet is a timid and anxious boy who is often embarrassed by his father. Scenes where Hagar tries to impart his idea of “manly” Viking wisdom onto Hamlet while Helga rolls her eyes in the background are classic. Even Lucky the dog gets in on the action by antagonizing Hagar at every opportunity.

Hagar’s Adventures Often Involve the Supernatural

One unique aspect of the Hagar comics is that supernatural elements are frequently incorporated into the plots. While Hagar himself is a skeptic, he often finds himself embroiled in mystical adventures against his will. In one story arc, Hagar is convinced by a traveling salesman to purchase a magic potion that is supposed to grant great strength and power. Of course, the potion is revealed to be a dud and Hagar ends up with a series of embarrassing mishaps. In another comic, Hagar and his crew encounter a mischievous sea monster that torments them during a voyage. The monster turns out to be just a playful prankster having some fun at their expense. These supernatural-themed comics allow for more outlandish and imaginative scenarios while still maintaining Hagar’s down-to-earth personality.

Hagar Comics Remain Hilarious After All These Years

Decades after its debut, the comic strip of Hagar the Horrible continues to deliver laughs with its timeless sense of humor. What makes the comics so entertaining is how recognizable and relatable the characters are. Under the surface barbarism lies a dynamic family dealing with everyday domestic problems and parental struggles that anyone can relate to. Hagar’s arrogance and shortcomings combined with Helga’s no-nonsense realism strike a funny chord. The visual gags and physical comedy also ensure the comics remain funny even without dialogue. After all these years, the misadventures of Hagar and his family in their Viking community continue to provide smiles and chuckles to readers of all ages. Their silly escapades are guaranteed to entertain for many more years to come.


In conclusion, the long-running comic strip of Hagar the Horrible has garnered its loyal fan following thanks to the hilarious antics of its characters. From Hagar’s harebrained schemes to his clashes with his sensible wife Helga, every comic delivers belly laughs. The incorporation of supernatural elements also gives the stories an imaginative flair. After decades in syndication, Hagar comics remain funny as ever and will continue to entertain new generations of readers.

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