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Created by cartoonist Dik Browne, the comic strip Hagar the Horrible centered around the exploits of a grumpy yet lovable Viking named Hagar and his hapless band of companions. Running from 1973 to 1988, Hagar the Horrible delivered countless laughs with its silly humor and larger-than-life characters. Here are over 20 of the funniest Hagar comics that exemplify the strip’s hilarious hijinks.

Hagar’s Schemes Often Backfire Spectacularly

Hagar was constantly devising harebrained schemes and money-making plans, but more often than not they ended in disaster. In one classic strip, Hagar tries to dig for treasure only to accidentally tunnel into a neighbor’s house. Browne had a gift for depicting Hagar’s get-rich-quick schemes blowing up hilariously in his face.

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Hagar’s Loyal Yet Dimwitted Crew

No Hagar scheme would be complete without his loyal crew of dimwitted Vikings tagging along. One strip shows them faithfully following Hagar into quicksand as he leads them to “certain death and glory.” Browne found endless comedy in Hagar’s beleaguered crew and their unwavering willingness to go along with any plan, no matter how ill-conceived.

Run-Ins With Fierce Yet Funny Foes

Hagar crossed paths with many ferocious foes, though Browne ensured their battles always played out for laughs rather than violence. One comic shows a mighty giant chasing after Hagar, only to trip and knock himself out. Browne skillfully balanced action and humor throughout the strip.

Hagar’s Home Life Was Rarely Peaceful

Even domesticity provided no escape from hijinks. One strip depicts Hagar’s wife Helga chasing him with a broom after he tracked mud into their home. Browne mined comedy from Hagar’s chaotic family dynamics and never-ending battles with his formidable wife Helga.

Pop Culture References Added Laughs

Browne also found humor in anachronistically referencing modern culture. One comic has Hagar telling his crew “I’m mad as Hel” in reference to the TV character Helen. These funny pop culture nods kept the strip feeling fresh over its long run.


For over 15 years, Dik Browne’s Hagar the Horrible delivered daily laughs through its grumpy yet lovable namesake Viking. Browne had a gift for crafting hilarious scenarios and larger-than-life characters that kept readers constantly entertained. Hagar’s bumbling schemes and battles with his formidable wife Helga never grew old. For anyone seeking classic comic strip humor, the adventures of Hagar remain treasure troves of silly fun.

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