20+ Most Entertaining And Funy Maxine Comics


Maxine is a beloved comic strip character created by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman in 1976. For over 45 years, Maxine’s sarcastic observations and no-nonsense attitude have been delivering laughs to readers nationwide. In this article, we will look at over 20 of the most hilarious and entertaining Maxine comics that showcase why she remains one of the funniest characters in comics.

Maxine’s Snarky Commentary on Life

Much of Maxine’s humor comes from her sharp-tongued and sarcastic observations about life’s little annoyances. She never hesitates to voice her unfiltered opinions, no matter who it offends. In one classic strip, Maxine comments on a self-help book titled “How to Be Positive” by saying “Page one – ‘Don’t.'” Maxine’s unapologetic cynicism and deadpan one-liners targeting everything from motivational slogans to social media have kept readers chuckling for decades. Her blunt takes on the absurdities of modern life are always good for a laugh.

20+ Most Entertaining And Funy Maxine Comics





















Workplace Woes and Incompetent Bosses

Many hilarious Maxine comics center around her long-suffering job as an office worker. She has endured a revolving door of clueless and inept bosses over the years that never fail to try her patience. One strip shows Maxine’s boss enthusiastically explaining his big idea for “Morale Mondays” until Maxine bluntly asks “Can we just go back to hating each other in silence?” No matter the workplace changes, Maxine’s unimpressed reactions to office absurdities resonate with any employee who has endured pointless meetings and incompetent management.

Maxine vs Technology

In the digital age, Maxine’s befuddlement and disdain for new technologies like smartphones and social media are an endless source of comedy. One comic shows Maxine struggling to take a selfie, grumbling “This seemed like more of a ‘look at me’ thing when other people were doing it.” Her curmudgeonly perspectives on tech trends that have passed her by never fail to elicit chuckles. Maxine’s Luddite tendencies are a timeless reminder that progress often leaves some of us behind, for better or worse.

Dating Disasters and Interpersonal Foibles

Romantic entanglements are another never-ending source of frustration for cynical Maxine. Comics chronicling her disastrous dates and inept suitors never fail to amuse. In one strip, an overly eager date keeps interrupting Maxine to point out landmarks, until she finally snaps “I will not go out with you again if you don’t shut up!” Maxine’s blunt assessments of people’s absurd behaviors ring as true as ever. Her complete lack of patience for fools of any kind continues to resonate with audiences.

Maxine’s Musings on Life’s Little Annoyances

Beyond the workplace and dating, Maxine has plenty of scathing opinions about life’s everyday irritations. One comic shows Maxine grimly declaring “I hate people who whistle” in response to an overly cheerful coworker. Her unfiltered disdain for mundane annoyances, from crowded stores to chatty hairdressers, feel cathartic for any cynic. Maxine’s curmudgeonly worldview is an enduring source of humor and recognition for anyone who sometimes just wants to vent about life’s endless frustrations.

Maxine’s Timeless Sarcasm Knows No Bounds

Over 45 years into her comic strip run, Maxine’s sardonic observations about humanity remain as funny as ever. Whether targeting technology, office politics, or just everyday irritations, her unfiltered snark cuts through absurdities that anyone can relate to. Maxine’s blunt honesty and no-nonsense attitude have resonated with multiple generations of readers seeking an entertaining and recognizable voice of cynicism. Her timeless humor and curmudgeonly charm ensure she will continue to deliver laughs for many more decades to come.


For over four decades, Maxine’s sarcastic one-liners and blunt assessments of humanity have been a daily source of laughs. Whether targeting workplace absurdities, dating disasters, or just life’s endless minor annoyances, her unfiltered perspectives are cathartic for anyone who sometimes just wants to vent. Maxine’s curmudgeonly charm and timeless humor have ensured her popularity endures, as her sardonic observations about the absurdities of modern life ring as true as ever. For anyone seeking an entertaining voice of reason amid life’s endless frustrations, Maxine has been and always will be one of funniest comic strip characters.

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