These 20 Of The Best Maxine Comics


Maxine is one of the most beloved comic strip characters of all time. Created by Jerry Marcus in 1978, Maxine has entertained readers for over 40 years with her witty observations on life and hilarious hijinks. In this article, we will take a look at 20 of the best Maxine comics that showcase her charm and comedic genius.

Maxine Comics

In this classic comic from 1979, Maxine decides to go shopping but can’t seem to make a purchase without some kind of mishap. She spills coffee on herself in the bookstore, gets her purse caught in an escalator at the department store, and accidentally sets off the security sensors at the exit. By the time she gets home, Maxine is a frazzled mess but at least has a good story to tell her husband! This comic introduced readers to Maxine’s clumsy but lovable personality.

These 20 Of The Best Maxine Comics





















Maxine Tries a New Hobby

If there’s one thing we know about Maxine, it’s that she never does anything half way. In this comic, she takes up woodworking and – predictably – chaos ensues. Saws and hammers are no match for her butterfingers as sawdust flies and tools go flying. By the time the paramedics arrive to treat her bandaged hands, her craft room looks like a disaster zone. Some hobbies are just not meant for Maxine!Maxine’s Kitchen Catastrophes

Cooking is an art but for Maxine, it’s a science experiment waiting to go wrong, as seen in this comic compilation. She starts a grease fire on the stove, somehow manages to lock herself in the pantry, and bakes a cake that rises all the way to the ceiling! By dinner time, her kitchen looks like a war zone. Even takeout isn’t safe when Maxine is hungry.

Maxine Tries a New Sport

If there was an Olympic event for clumsiness, Maxine would win gold every time. In this comic, she decides to train for the triathlon and it’s a hilarious fail from start to finish. Biking lands her in a bush, open water swimming has her battling a stray buoy, and a twisted ankle ends the running portion early. Some athletes just aren’t meant to be!

No matter the job, Maxine manages to turn even mundane tasks into chaotic scenes. In this comic, she’s working a typical office job – and it’s anything but typical. Phones go flying as she trips over cords, her keyboard ends up out the window, and by 5pm the entire office is under three feet of paper after the printer jam she caused. It’ll be a late one for Maxine and her coworkers cleaning up the mess!


For over 40 years, Maxine has brought laughter and smiles to readers with her hilarious antics and mishaps. While she may be accident-prone, her charm and wit more than make up for it. These comics provide timeless humor and relatable moments that many can see parts of themselves in. Maxine’s everyday fails remind us that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable. Here’s hoping her comic strip adventures continue entertaining audiences for many years to come!

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