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Andy Capp is a beloved British comic strip character known for his lazy, working-class lifestyle and penchant for drinking. Created by Reg Smythe in 1957, the Andy Capp comics have entertained readers for decades with their cheeky humor and relatable situations. Here are some of the classic Andy Capp strips that any fan should not miss.

Andy Skives Off Work

One of Andy’s defining traits is his reluctance to actually work. He has come up with any excuse imaginable to avoid going into his job or to slip away early. From fake injuries and illnesses to claiming he has an important appointment, Andy is a master of skiving off. Some of the most hilarious comics show Andy desperately trying to worm his way out of work, much to the frustration of his long-suffering wife Flo. These strips perfectly capture Andy’s lazy nature and aversion to responsibility.

Andy and the Pubs

When Andy isn’t skiving off work, he can usually be found at one of the local pubs. He spends most of his wages on a never-ending supply of pints and is a regular fixture at his local. Many classic comics involve Andy nursing a hangover the next day or Flo finding increasingly inventive ways to pry Andy away from the bar as closing time approaches. Andy’s antics in the pub always result in humor, whether he’s engaging in banter with the other regulars or facing Flo’s wrath after one too many.

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Marital Squabbles

Much of the comedy in Andy Capp comes from observing Andy and Flo’s tumultuous marriage. They have been bickering for decades and Flo is constantly on Andy’s case about his laziness and drinking. Iconic strips show the pair locked in arguments that often escalate quickly, with Flo’s shrill nagging pushing Andy’s buttons. Their marital spats and Flo’s put-downs of Andy never fail to generate laughs. The battles of wills and trading of insults in these comics are comedic gold.

Timeless Humor for All Ages

What makes Andy Capp such an enduring comic is the timelessness and relatability of its humor. Generations have grown up enjoying the antics of its working-class everyman and everywoman characters. The hijinks of avoiding work, pub culture, and marital squabbles will always resonate with readers. Even decades later, the strips still elicit chuckles as the comedy has stood the test of time. For fans of British humor and character-driven comics, classic Andy Capp strips are a must-read for endless entertainment.


In conclusion, Andy Capp is a comic strip legend thanks to its cheeky and witty humor centered around its lovable rogue of a protagonist. Any comic aficionado should seek out these timeless classics that showcase Andy skiving off, frequenting pubs, and bickering with Flo. They remain hilarious windows into working-class British life.

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