20+Best Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strips


Calvin and Hobbes is a syndicated comic strip created by Bill Watterson. The strip follows the adventures of Calvin, a precocious and imaginative boy, and Hobbes, his stuffed tiger who comes to life when they are alone.

Calvin and Hobbes is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed comic strips of all time. It has won numerous awards, including the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year seven times.

The strip is known for its humor, wit, and heartwarming moments. Watterson’s art is also highly praised, and his characters are instantly recognizable.

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20 Best Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strips

It is difficult to choose the best Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, as there are so many great ones to choose from. However, here are 20 of our favorites:





















Why Calvin and Hobbes Is So Popular

There are many reasons why Calvin and Hobbes is so popular. Here are a few:

  • The characters are relatable. Calvin is a typical kid, with all of the joys and frustrations of childhood. Hobbes is a loyal friend and confidant. Readers can easily identify with both characters.
  • The humor is timeless. Watterson’s humor is clever and witty, and it appeals to people of all ages.
  • The art is beautiful. Watterson’s art is simple and clean, but it is also very expressive. He is able to convey a lot of emotion with just a few lines.
  • The strip is heartwarming. Calvin and Hobbes is a celebration of childhood and friendship. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope and laughter.

Best Calvin And Hobbes Series

  1. “The Snowmen” (January 1, 1986)
  2. “The Snowman” (January 2, 1986)
  3. “Calvinball” (November 19, 1987)
  4. “The Transmogrifier” (April 2, 1988)
  5. “The Tree House” (June 9, 1988)
  6. “The Dinosaur” (October 29, 1988)
  7. “The Time Machine” (December 31, 1988)
  8. “The Spaceman” (April 1, 1989)
  9. “The Superhero” (June 1, 1989)
  10. “The Alien” (October 31, 1989)
  11. “The Ghost” (December 25, 1989)
  12. “The Robot” (February 14, 1990)
  13. “The Monster” (April 1, 1990)
  14. “The Dragon” (June 1, 1990)
  15. “The Wizard” (October 31, 1990)
  16. “The Fairy” (December 25, 1990)
  17. “The Leprechaun” (March 17, 1991)
  18. “The Unicorn” (June 1, 1991)
  19. “The Mermaid” (August 1, 1991)
  20. “The Last Calvin and Hobbes Strip” (December 31, 1995)

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