Enjoy 20+Hilarious Comics of Pickles

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“Pickles” is a delightful comic strip created by Brian Crane that first appeared in 1990. Focused on the humorous and heartwarming adventures of an elderly couple, Earl and Opal Pickles, the strip explores the everyday life of retirees with wit and charm. Here are 20+ hilarious comics from “Pickles” that are bound to bring joy and laughter to readers.

Comics of Pickles

In one comic, Earl struggles to figure out how to program the remote control, prompting Opal to quip, “You know you’re getting old when you have to ask a teenager to set up your remote!” This showcases the relatable humor of technology woes faced by many seniors.

Another comic shows Opal attempting to teach Earl how to cook, leading to a chaotic kitchen scene with flour flying everywhere. Earl then remarks, “I think I’ll stick to microwaving!” This humorous take on culinary mishaps resonates with anyone who has navigated the challenges of cooking.

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Enjoy 20+Hilarious Comics of Pickles






















In a particularly funny strip, the couple adopts a mischievous dog named Roscoe, who wreaks havoc on their home. As they survey the mess, Earl laments, “I think we successfully adopted a tornado!” The antics of Roscoe add an element of playful chaos to the Pickles household.

Through clever dialogue and endearing characters, “Pickles” captures the joys and quirks of aging with warmth and humor. Earl and Opal’s amusing interactions, relatable struggles, and lighthearted moments make each comic strip a delightful and entertaining read.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these 20+ hilarious comics from “Pickles” that celebrate the humor and love found in the ordinary moments of life with Earl, Opal, and their furry companion Roscoe.

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