These 20 Pickles Comics To Bring Laughter


Pickles comics is a popular syndicated comic strip created by cartoonist Brian Crane in 1990. The strip features the daily lives of an elderly couple, Earl and Opal Pickles, as they navigate the ups and downs of retirement and family life.

One of the most endearing aspects of Pickles comics is the relatability of the characters and situations they find themselves in. From dealing with technology frustrations to navigating the complexities of marriage, readers of all ages can find something to laugh and empathize with in the strip.

Pickles Comic Strips

Earl and Opal’s interactions are often humorous and heartwarming, showcasing the enduring love and companionship that comes with a long-term relationship. Their quirky personalities and witty banter make them beloved characters in the world of comics.

These 20 Pickles Comics To Bring Laughter






















The strip also features a cast of supporting characters, including their grandson Nelson, their pet dog Roscoe, and their eccentric neighbors. These characters add depth and variety to the comic, allowing for a range of storylines and comedic situations.

Overall, Pickles comics is a delightful and charming strip that offers a glimpse into the everyday joys and challenges of growing old together. With its clever humor and touching moments, it’s no wonder that Pickles has become a beloved favorite among readers around the world.

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