Uncovering the Hilarious Adventures of 20+ Free Range Comics

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Free Range Comics, the brainchild of cartoonist and writer John Kovalic, offers a unique blend of absurdist humor and clever wordplay that will leave you chuckling long after you’ve finished reading. The comics feature a cast of quirky characters navigating the bizarre and often illogical world created by Kovalic’s imaginative mind. From the hapless hero, “The Amazing Screw-On Head,” to the philosophical, yet slightly deranged, “Dr. McNinja,” each character embodies a different aspect of Kovalic’s humor, ranging from satirical social commentary to pure, unadulterated silliness.

Free Range Comics

The adventures of Free Range Comics are anything but ordinary. They’re full of outlandish scenarios, nonsensical dialogue, and unexpected twists that defy logic and embrace the absurd. Whether it’s a robot uprising led by a sentient toaster or a group of ninjas battling a giant, sentient burrito, Kovalic’s comics offer a delightful escape from reality, reminding us that the best humor often comes from the unexpected and the absurd.

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Uncovering the Hilarious Adventures of 20+ Free Range Comics






















Kovalic’s unique brand of humor is a testament to the power of creativity and imagination. He’s not afraid to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and embrace the ridiculous. Free Range Comics is a treasure trove of clever jokes, witty observations, and hilarious scenarios that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and a bit of absurdity in their lives.

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