The Tool: Your Fizz’s Best Friend


Have you ever wondered how those refreshing glass bottles of soda or beer kept their fizz back in the day? The answer lies in this simple yet clever device: the bottle capper. While twist-off caps are the norm today, these handy tools were once essential for preserving carbonated beverages.

What is a bottle capper?

A bottle capper, sometimes called a “crowner,” is a handheld tool designed to crimp metal caps onto glass bottles. It typically consists of a lever mechanism that presses down on the cap, sealing it tightly against the bottle’s rim. This airtight seal prevents carbon dioxide from escaping, keeping your drinks bubbly and delicious.

Why were bottle cappers important?

Before the invention of twist-off caps, glass bottles were sealed with metal caps that needed to be crimped on securely. Bottle cappers were a common household item, allowing people to enjoy their favorite beverages at home without worrying about them going flat. They were also used by businesses that bottled their own drinks, ensuring their products stayed fresh and fizzy.

The bottle capper’s legacy

While twist-off caps have largely replaced crimped caps, bottle cappers still have a place in the hearts of homebrewers and those who enjoy vintage soda bottles. They can be found in antique shops, online marketplaces, and homebrew supply stores. For those who appreciate a bit of nostalgia or simply enjoy the satisfaction of crimping a cap onto a bottle, the bottle capper remains a cherished tool with a rich history.

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