Funny Jokes of the Hagar the Horrible with humor

 Funny Jokes of the Hagar the Horrible with humor

funny jokes of the hagar the horrible are the main source of the hagar cartoons popularity. The Humorous and clever jokes of the comic strips made it famous all around the world. As we know that the hagar comics not only the favouriate comics of old people but its humor is also liked by young generation.



Viking adventure and funny jokes of  hagar are hilarious. These funny jokes of hagar attracts the readers and also impress the other comic artist. His funny jokes never be forgettable . Hagar is not only the character in comics that has humorous jokes but also hagar wife , hagar daughter and his dog is also said funny jokes in comics .

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#Hagar its time to eat


#I want married man


#Stack of potato pancakes


#You didn’t Listen


#Public TorTure


#Lets Grab Luggage


#Need Volunteers


#Call me your new Heir


#Dinner Ready






After reading the funny jokes of  Hagar  from Hagar the Horrible Comics, Hagar the horrible comics are complete due to the jokes of hagar  . Because his hilarious jokes add more attraction  to comics . Hagar character impressed everyone with his funny , hilarious and humorous joke.

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