Its a day to share funny comics of Hagar the Horrible Dog


 Its a day to share funny comic Strips of Hagar the    Horrible Dog

Hagar the Horrible is the most famous and funny comic strips of all ages , created by cartoonist Dik Browne , Hagar is the most famous comic strips character for his Viking adventures and humor. As Hagar is the most funny comic character but the hagar dog played important and humorous roles in the comic strips . Hagar the Horrible dog name is Snert . The role of hagar’s dog added more humor and fun into the comic strips .






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Hagar the Horrible Comics

Hagar the horrible comics are the famous comics of all ages   but the hagar’s dog snert has an extra humor and loyalty made this character beloved for the reader of comics .Hagar dog does not only popular the hagar the horrible comics but also the softer side of Hagar .



1- Wine 




2- Fetch 






3- Freezing







4- Bad Luck


Bad Luck




5-Vikings are free



Vikings are free



 6- Idiots




7- Good Boy

8- Idea



Hagar Dog#9






 Hagar Dog#10








Its a day to share funny comics of Hagar the Horrible Dog . Hagar’s dog made your day with amazing humor .
Snert is the best character of this funny comic strips . I am sure this will become  your favouriate character .




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