20+ Maxine Comics: A Celebration of Black Girlhood


Maxine Comics is a publishing company dedicated to creating comics that center the experiences of Black girls. Founded by Jamila Rowser, Maxine Comics aims to fill a gap in the comics industry, where Black girls are often underrepresented or misrepresented.

Maxine Comics

The company’s flagship title, “Maxine”, follows the adventures of a young Black girl named Maxine as she navigates the challenges and joys of growing up. Maxine is a relatable and aspirational character who embodies the intelligence, creativity, and resilience of Black girls. Through Maxine’s stories, Maxine Comics seeks to empower young readers, promote positive self-esteem, and spark conversations about important issues like race, gender, and identity.

20+ Maxine Comics: A Celebration of Black Girlhood






















Maxine Comics is more than just a comic book company; it’s a movement. By providing a platform for Black girl voices and stories, Maxine Comics is creating a space where Black girls can see themselves reflected in the media they consume. This representation is crucial for building self-confidence and challenging harmful stereotypes.

Maxine Comics is an important voice in the comics industry, and its work is making a real difference in the lives of Black girls. By celebrating Black girlhood and amplifying Black girl voices, Maxine Comics is helping to create a more inclusive and equitable world.

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