Maxine Comics: The Sassy Senior Who Captured Our Hearts


Maxine, the lovable and feisty senior, has been entertaining comic strip fans since 1990. Created by John Wagner, Maxine’s sharp tongue and humorous observations have made her a household name. With her signature gray hair, glasses, and no-nonsense attitude, Maxine tells it like it is, tackling topics from aging to technology.

Maxine’s Humor and Wisdom

Maxine’s comics are more than just a laugh; they offer a fresh perspective on life’s challenges. Her sharp wit and sarcasm have made her a role model for many, showing that age is just a number and humor is the best medicine. From poking fun at senior moments to embracing life’s ups and downs, Maxine’s comics are a reminder to enjoy the ride.

Maxine Comics: The Sassy Senior Who Captured Our Hearts





















Impact and Popularity

Maxine’s popularity extends beyond the comic strip. She has inspired countless memes, merchandise, and even a dedicated fan base. Her relatable humor has made her a staple in many newspapers, websites, and social media platforms. With millions of fans worldwide, Maxine’s influence is a testament to the power of humor and wit.


Maxine Comics are a treasure trove of humor, wisdom, and sass. With her unapologetic humor and sharp wit, Maxine has captured our hearts and minds. Whether you’re a senior or just young at heart, Maxine’s comics are a reminder to laugh, live, and enjoy the ride.

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