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Speed bumps are a necessary evil to slow traffic in residential areas and school zones. But they can also provide fodder for humor in the form of speed bump comics. These comics use the speed bump as a setting to tell jokes, poke fun at drivers, and highlight comedic situations. If you need a laugh, here are some of the best speed bump comics to brighten your day.

Driver Frustrations

Many speed bump comics play on the frustrations drivers feel when encountering an unexpected speed bump. In one popular comic, a driver is shown yelling out of their window “I hate you!” at the speed bump as they slowly roll over it. Another shows a driver muttering under their breath “every single time!” as they hit yet another speed bump on their daily commute. These types of comics highlight the annoyance drivers feel at being slowed down but also make light of that frustration in a humorous way. They allow us to laugh at our own impatience when faced with traffic calming measures like speed bumps.

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Speed Bumps as Characters

Some comics take speed bump personification to the next level by giving the bumps their own personalities. In one comic, two neighboring speed bumps are shown chatting like gossiping neighbors, commenting on the cars that drive over them each day. Another shows a lonely speed bump sad that no cars ever use that particular street. These comics lend speed bumps human qualities like speech and emotions, which creates an absurd scenario that audiences find amusing. They allow us to anthropomorphize inanimate objects in an exaggerated way.

Interactions with Passengers 

Many speed bump comics center around the interactions between drivers and their passengers going over a bump. A popular trope shows a passenger spilling their drink as the driver hits a speed bump unexpectedly. Or the driver swerving to avoid a pothole and frightening their passengers. These types of comics highlight the comedy of unintended consequences when hitting roadway obstacles. They also tap into relatable experiences most drivers have had with rowdy passengers on bumpy rides. The physical comedy of bodies being jostled appeals to audiences’ sense of humor.

Pop Culture References

Some speed bump comic artists insert clever pop culture references into their work. One comic redraws the iconic Jaws movie poster but replaces the shark with a speed bump menacing a small car. Another puts the speed bump in iconic scenes from Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings to humorous effect. Referencing well-known movies, TV shows, or books in an unexpected traffic context is a comedic technique that catches readers off guard in an amusing way. It shows how nearly any scenario can be ripe for parody and pop culture mashups.


In conclusion, speed bump comics have proven themselves a creative outlet for humorists to showcase their wit and observational comedy skills. By giving a mundane traffic fixture like a speed bump personality and narrative context, these comics bring smiles and laughter to readers. Even the minor annoyances of daily life like traffic calming measures can be mined for amusement with the right comic touch. So next time you hit an unexpected speed bump, check out some of these comics to brighten your mood and get a chuckle out of your less-than-smooth ride.

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