20+ Maxine Cartoons Full Of Fun

20+ Maxine Cartoons Full Of Fun
20+ Maxine Cartoons Full Of Fun

Maxine was a comic strip created by American cartoonist Jerry Marcus that ran from 1973 to 1995. Centered around the humorous misadventures of title character Maxine and her family and friends, Maxine cartoons were beloved for their lighthearted and amusing take on everyday life. Let’s explore some of the funniest and most memorable cartoons from the long-running comic strip.

Maxine Cartoons

Much of the humor in Maxine came from the antics Maxine got up to with her friends. In one classic cartoon, Maxine convinces her friend Wanda to go streaking with her through the neighborhood. However, Wanda gets cold feet and backs out, leaving Maxine to streak alone with a thought bubble saying “I should have known better than to trust Wanda.”

In another strip, Maxine dares her friend to eat a whole jar of mayonnaise in one sitting for $5. Predictably, her friend ends up with a stomachache, but the visual of someone trying to consume an entire jar of mayo never failed to elicit laughs. Maxine was always getting into mischief and misadventures with her pals, much to the amusement of readers. Her cartoon capers highlighted the fun and folly of youth.

20+ Maxine Cartoons Full Of Fun






















In conclusion, Jerry Marcus’ comic strip Maxine was beloved for its lighthearted take on everyday life through the eyes of its eponymous young protagonist. With an amusing cast of friends and family as well as zany animals and odd occurrences, Maxine cartoons were always good for a laugh. Generations of readers related to the strip’s comedic take on the relatable foibles, follies, and fun of school-age youth. Marcus’ hilarious cartoons ensured Maxine remained a comic strip phenomenon for over 20 years.

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