20+ Humorous Comics Of The Far Side


The Far Side was a single-panel comic strip created by Gary Larson and syndicated by Chronicle Features and later Universal Press Syndicate, which ran from December 28, 1979 to January 1, 1995. The surrealistic humor and eccentric characters made The Far Side one of the most popular comic strips of all time. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable and humorous comics from The Far Side.

The Far Side Humor

What made The Far Side comics so unique was Larson’s ability to take everyday situations and inject them with absurd and surreal twists. Many comics featured animals behaving and interacting in human-like ways, often with hilarious results. Larson would place animals and other creatures in bizarre scenarios that seemed strangely plausible. For example, one comic showed cows lining up to get into a crowded movie theater, with one cow asking “Any good movies playing?” The humor came from imagining farm animals doing everyday human activities in a totally unexpected way.

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20+ Humorous Comics Of The Far Side






















In conclusion, Gary Larson’s The Far Side was a comic strip phenomenon thanks to its unique brand of surreal, absurdist humor. By placing everyday situations and conversations into bizarre contexts with eccentric characters, Larson was able to constantly surprise and amuse readers. His memorable cast of cows, cryptozoological creatures, and more have secured The Far Side’s place in comic strip history. Larson’s hilarious comics continue to elicit laughs from new generations of fans to this day.

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