Top 20+ Most Funny Far Side Comics To Make You Smile


Gary Larson’s The Far Side was one of the most popular and beloved comic strips of all time. Known for its quirky sense of humor and unconventional takes on everyday life, The Far Side delivered countless laughs to readers worldwide from 1980 to 1995. In this article, we’ll explore over 20 of the funniest Far Side comics that are sure to bring a smile.

Larson’s Unique Perspective on Animals

Much of The Far Side’s humor came from anthropomorphizing animals and putting them in bizarre everyday human situations. One classic strip shows cows lined up outside a slaughterhouse, impatiently waiting to get inside for the “early bird special.” Larson’s ability to see the world from an animal’s perspective delivered endless laughs. His comics brought new life and personalities to even the most mundane of creatures.

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Scientific Experiments Gone Awry

Larson had a gift for finding humor in even the most serious of scientific endeavors. One comic shows lab monkeys happily playing with dangerous radioactive materials, oblivious to the risks. His strips put a comedic twist on real-world scientific blunders and questionable experiments. Larson found a way to make light of serious subjects without crossing into disrespect or causing offense.

Cowboys and Their Peculiar Predicaments

Western motifs frequently popped up in The Far Side, putting cowboys in absurd situations that subverted expectations. One classic shows cowboys lined up to milk snakes on a ranch. Larson’s unconventional takes on Old West tropes mined humor from familiar genres in surprising new ways. His strips demonstrated how recontextualizing norms can unlock fresh comedy.

Holidays Given a Quirky Twist

Major holidays were also fair game for Larson’s unique brand of humor. One strip shows pilgrims happily enjoying their Thanksgiving feast, while in the background Native Americans watch in horror as the Mayflower crashes into the dining room. His comic’s took holidays’ familiar traditions and injected them with just the right amount of absurdity.

Prehistoric Peoples Behaving Peculiarly

The Far Side also found humor in putting prehistoric man in anachronistic situations. One strip depicts cavemen happily watching TV, oblivious to mammoths and saber-toothed tigers fighting outside. Larson’s prehistoric strips mined comedic gold from mashing unrelated eras together. His fearless willingness to subvert expectations kept readers constantly surprised.

Office Antics With a Zany Flair

Even mundane workplace scenarios got Larson’s unconventional treatment. One comic shows bored office workers playing a lively game of “who can hit the most flies with a stapler.” His office-centric strips brought an energizing jolt of absurdity to humdrum workdays. Larson found ways to make even familiar settings feel fresh and funny.

Dinosaurs Displaying Bizarre Tendencies

Larson also had a gift for anthropomorphizing dinosaurs in amusingly peculiar ways. One strip shows a T-Rex couple bickering about what to watch on their caveman-era TV. His dinosaur comics mined humor from applying modern behaviors to prehistoric creatures. Larson’s strips demonstrated how recontextualizing any subject can unlock new comedic possibilities.


For over 15 years, Gary Larson’s The Far Side was a daily dose of offbeat humor and unexpected laughs. By putting familiar people, places and creatures in absurd new scenarios, Larson created a comic strip that continues to deliver smiles decades later. His fearless willingness to subvert expectations in creative new ways kept readers constantly surprised. For anyone seeking a fun escape from the ordinary, Larson’s iconic Far Side comics remain treasure troves of quirky comedy guaranteed to bring a smile.

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